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Jeff Miles

Littleton, CO

"Jenn is always thoughtful and compassionate with her students, and like any good teacher, she embodies the principles that she teaches. She's consistent, grounded, wise, and happy to share what she’s learned, or help us clarify any of the subtleties that she’s been teaching in our classes.

I use a few techniques that she has taught me on a daily basis. She's taught us that we can always return to the breath, any time that things seem a little out of control.

She is a much loved yoga teacher. In a short time, she has been able to put together a program that's both challenging, but accessible to the group."

Anne McMullen

Littleton, CO

"Jenn creates a welcoming, safe environment that is low key yet focused. Her attention to individual and group needs is exceptional. 

I appreciate Jenn's skills, preparation, and pace as she guides us through our journey. She is passionate about helping others and supporting others to be healthy and happy.

Jenn truly creates a holistic, healing opportunity for each individual and is one of the best holistic teachers I've ever met."